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  • Alexandre Turpault

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    Alexandre Turpault logo

    For over 170 years, Alexandre Turpault has been designing, producing and distributing collections of house linens in its manufacturing facility in Nieppe, located in the North of France, following the tradition of French high quality linen.

    The long lasting commercial relationships with some of the most iconic stores such as the Bon Marché in Paris, proves the successful commitment of Alexandre Turpault in promoting its traditional expertise: providing high quality without compromise and permanently seeking creativity.

    "Our goal is to provide our clients with a genuine stylish French product of superior and sustainable quality using premium linen materials offering greater resistance over time."

    Chic, contemporary, intimate and elegant : the Alexandre Turpault brand can be found worldwide, from New York to Tokyo via London, Paris and Dubai.

    Striving to obtain the highest possible quality products, special care is given to all creations: in line with the house’s trends, designers offer a wide range of original and sought-after colors, sophisticated and detailed creations with ribbons, embroidery or “Échelle" and "Venise" openwork.

    Alexandre Turpault linen material and linen blends are quality-guaranteed by the internationally known “Masters of Linen” European label.

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  • Art de Lys

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    Art de Lys

    The Art de Lys Company is based in Northern France, in the Flemish region, where the art of tapestry weaving has been carried out since the Middle-Ages.

    From creation to sewing, and of course Jacquard weaving, Art de Lys has been a specialist in tapestry art since 1890. Their expertise, established from craftsmanship heritage, is maintained through modern weaving techniques and equipment.

    Using new colors and yarns, Art de Lys calls on the experience of its skilled weavers to create a contemporary look in tapestry quality. The creation department is the necessary link between the craftsmanship expertise of the past and the trendy needs of the home decoration market.

    The passion and competence of all the people since 1890 allowed Tissage Art de Lys an undeniable international business success.
    From famous French and international museums, to luxury home decoration stores and renowned interior designer shops.

    Thanks to their heritage and know-how, Art de Lys has been awarded the famous State label "Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant" -  Living Heritage Company. This official label recognizes Tissage Art de Lys for the excellence of their manufacturing and traditional know-how.

    Label EPV



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  • Beauvillé

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    Synonym of luxury, quality and tradition, Beauvillé® sets the mark for French premium tablecloths and household linens.

    For over two centuries, Beauvillé, Manufacture d ́Impression sur Etoffes, located in the beautiful valley of Ribeauvillé in the Alsacian Vosges, has been designing and producing screen printed fabrics in the highest standards of quality and traditional know­how.

    Far beyond the French borders, in Europe, the United States, Japan, Russia, the finest cloths of the highest quality from Beauvillé are found in the grandest embassies, the finest restaurants, luxurious homes, or simply where beautiful materials are appreciated.

    In 2009, the family run company was awarded the highly sought French Label of "Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant” ­ A Living Heritage Company.

    Acquiring a Beauvillé product is a token of premium quality, unique and sumptuous designs.

    It's also bringing a little piece of France into your home!

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  • Cristallerie de Montbronn

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    Cristallerie de Montbronn

    The Cristallerie de Montbronn was born in 1930 from a man's passion for crystal, Mr. Joseph Louis Ferstler, in the small village of Montbronn, in Lorraine in Northeastern France, a small area which has been known for centuries for its exceptional crystal manufacturing all around the world.

    Present in life's every moment, crystal is one of the most poetic and magical material. Born from the fusion of the purest soil, fine and pristine white sand, crystal shines like sunlight and sings divine sounds.

    Passing the love for crystal art from father to sons, in full respect of the ancestral gestures of cristal craftmen, from glass blowing to the cut or engraving, each order is specially manufactured and each piece is unique.

    Today, respecting traditions and following current trends, Cristallerie de Montbronn is always searching to innovate to keep the brand among the French leading manufacturers. With the help of designers such as Kim-Ho, new contemporary designs are created mixing simplicity and elegance.

    Because there are so many ways to experience Art in every day's life, Cristal de Montbronn gives the opportunity to acquire very high quality luxury and unique crystalware and perpetuate French Crystal Art and heritage all around the world.

    Since 2006, Cristallerie de Montbronn has been rewarded by the French Ministry of Economy with the highly sought EPV label "Living Heritage Company" to reward the exceptional know-how and high quality products.

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  • Garnier-Thiebaut

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    With roots dating back to 1833 in France, Garnier-Thiebaut has become known as the designer and manufacturer of the highest quality table linens, bed linens, and accessories for the finest hotels, restaurants, casinos, clubs, and homes around the world.

    Garnier-Thibeaut has pioneered many of the textile industry's design and technology inventions for the production of fine linens. Today, the company's manufacturing facility in Gerardmer, France is Europe's most advanced center for the design, color and production of fashion fabrics — notably, table linens, bed linens, and other textile accessories — for the hospitality industry and the home. Renowned for its luxurious damask designs, Garnier-Thiebaut is the only fine linens company that produces more than two complete collections each year.

    Garnier-Thiebaut has two advanced industrial production facilities that manage the entire manufacturing process — from dyeing the thread to the distribution of the finished product. More than 200 people comprise the team of creative artists who design and produce Garnier-Thiebaut linens – the most luxurious linens in the world.

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  • Louis Sicard

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    It is in the oldest ceramic workshop of Aubagne that Louis Sicard designed and created the first ceramic cicada in 1895. Sicard went on to become known as the "Father of Cicadas".

    Louis Sicard was a master potter and sculptor and created ceramic decorations with olive branches, fish, figurines, and other famous designs such as the "seedling" in 1925 which still decorates the beautiful tables of Provence to this day.

    The Louis Sicard potteries carefully selects white clay and use traditional methods to shape, cast and throw the pottery by hand. They still use a traditional foot powered turning wheel dating from the mid-19th century to throw their dishes.

    The Amy family (Provencal figurine makers since 1966), is keeping Louis Sicard's famous heritage and work alive since 1972, in the original 18th century stone building, in the heart of Aubagne in Provence.

    Louis Sicard ceramics and famous cicadas are an authentic symbol of our dear Provence.

    Louis Sicard Cigada 1895

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  • Renaissance Paris

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    Renaissance Paris logo

    Prestigious Hand Embroidered Linen

    Building on years of experience, Renaissance designs and manufactures high-end linen for the most sophisticated interiors.

    At its core, expertise and excellence, creations inspired by the refinement of French culture and heritage. All the collections are handmade and made to order.

    A design enthusiast and tableware expert, Céline Perrin founded her manufacture at the heart of the 6th arrondissement, in Paris’ historical center, where French know-how lives and prospers. She built her reputation by earning the trust of many renowned customers and answering the needs of the most prestigious houses and palaces: the Palais de l’Élysée, the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ritz Hotel, and many more.

    Renaissance only aims to satisfy the level of requirement that prestige demands: every piece of linen is bespoke by hand by professional embroiderers who can answer every demand for a genuine made-to-measure creation.

    " Embroidering is the luxury of time, each cross is a moment of eternity "

    In order to offer only the best products, Renaissance uses a panel of meticulously selected, noble fabrics: Egyptian cotton percale, cotton voile, linen, silk and organdy.

    The exclusive and prestigious Renaissance collections of hand embroidered linens are appreciated by an international clientele from interior designers for the luxury market, luxury boutiques, to prestigious houses and palaces.

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