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To ensure the perfect effect of your dinner or cocktail table, choosing the right size and shape for your French tablecloth is essential.


There are two options possible for the presentation of your French tablecloth. One is to have a standard drop on the side, the other is to have full length drop all the way to the floor. In France, the second option is used mostly for formal occasions like weddings, anniversaries, birthday celebrations or gala dinners...

For less formal occasions, your French tablecloth should have a minimum drop of 12 inches (30cm) minimum.

To define the right size, measure the width and length of your table, then add twice the length of the desired drop to each table measurements.

Example: your table size is 65in long x 38in wide, and you want a standard drop of 12in. Your tablecloth should be 65+12x2= 89 inches long, and 38+12x2= 62 inches wide minimum, or about 225cm x 160cm.

It is OK if the tablecloth is larger than the minimum required size. The longer the drop, the more elegant the table.

For full drop, add 30in or 75cm twice to the length and width of your table.

Shape of the tablecloth

Here are our recommendations for best presentation:

- Square table: square tablecloth
- Rectangular table: rectangular tablecloth
- Round table: a square or round tablecloth. The French will prefer a square tablecloth over a round one.
- Oval table: a rectangular or oval tablecloth with a preference for the rectangular one.